Collecting 101

What/How to start a collection?

Collecting is about passion, is about expressing and visualizing what you love. Actresses/Actors, characters, movie franchises, cartoons, comic books, games. There are so many way ways and varieties that we would not be able to fit it all here!

Isn’t collecting expensive?

Like any other hobby, it all depends on your budget, building your collection is about the art and design. One of the first items Patrick purchased when he decided to officially start his collection, were two Hasbro Start Wars figures and a Leonidas from the Movie 300. Each about $20.00 each in 2006.

As time passed by, his collection grew and as space became available in 2013 he got his first Premium Statue.

All that to say that building a collection is not only about money, its about space and how would you like to see it grow to.


It all comes down to what you are passioned about. On “Geeky Patrick’s” space he has multiple themes (movies, Anime, Comic books). There are other collectors who focus on a single theme.

Feel free to share your passion and send us the pics of your spaces!