FigurineOut - Who We Are

At FigurineOut, we love collectibles, and we are collectors ourselves! We are Nerds, Geeks, and Weebs, and proud of it.

We are a small minority-owned online business that caters to collectors of all levels, and here to share our passion for figurines as well as to help those who are interested in joining this ever-growing community, providing guidance and support.

If you can't ā€œfigure out" how to start, let FigurineOut help you begin on your journey from theme to designing the looks you want your space to be.

We believe that figurines, just like pieces of art, are not made to stay in a box; they are meant to be displayed and admired.

From a young age, our co-founder, Patrick Cano, loved Comic Books, Star Wars, Star Trek, cartoons, and Anime. About 23 years ago, he began collecting comic books, posters, figurines, and statues, which is one of his passions.

Nineteen years ago, he found his second passion, his wife and "partner in crime,ā€ our co-founder, Aline Cano, who was immersed in this world and not only ended up loving it but designed Patrick's "mancave" to optimize the best way to display his collection. With her creative mind and bubbly personality, she came up with the name FigurineOut, ā€œpunā€ intended! šŸ˜Š

We are a different shop with a wide variety of brands and styles.

Let us help you start or continue your journey and share the love of this beautiful hobby.